Welcome! Let me introduce myself…

Bout Me

Don’t Go….

I used to write in my kitty cat diary lists of boys I liked, rants about my sister not sharing, and dreams I had for my future as the next Wilson Phillips. Now I write about things that life is taking me through and God is teaching me, but unlike my diary, these writings no longer have a lock and key.

I am married to a wonderfully weird man, aka Manbeast. And if you can’t already tell from our picture, we sometimes do things a little differently than the status quo – such as printing this photo on canvas and hanging it up in our home office. Why? Why not?! To be fair, he wanted to hang it up in our living room as a way of saying ‘don’t go’ to our guest when they would be leaving, but I felt that was a little much. But please, don’t go until you have read more :)

I am musician that sings and plays piano. I teach others to do the same. My husband made this website possible given his profession as a computer nerd. I tend to be reserved around lots of new people, but when I get to know you, I may surprise you by being less proper and poised than my first impression gives.

Beast and I are in our 7th year of marriage and we still like each other a lot! There’s plenty of love in there too :). January of 2014 we began trying to get pregnant and to this day, I have never had a positive pregnancy test. The doctors categorize us as having ‘unexplained infertility’ – helpful right? It has been this difficult journey through infertility that brought forth my writing. I needed the journey to be seen and not feel isolated in this struggle and writing surprisingly gave me a voice I didn’t know I had.

While most of what you find on this blog is related to infertility and curiosity about adoption, there are other avenues I am exploring related to identity and connection and how my faith solidifies it.

You can read about the start of my infertility journey here.

Our faith in God centers and sustains us through and in all things. We know He is good and faithful.

Sit back and stay awhile as you read through my public diary. I, Manbeast, and my cats thank you!